3. Security Council

The Suihubs Council is a committee composed of 12 members who are signers of a multi-sig wallet. They have the authority to perform Emergency and Non-Emergency Actions as delegated to them by the SuihubsDAO and Suihubs Foundation. The Council is responsible for maintaining the SuihubsDAO Constitution. The SuihubsDAO can modify the Council's powers or eliminate it entirely through a Constitutional AIP.

Equivalent multi-sig contracts for the Suihubs Council exist on Ethereum and each SuihubsDAO-governed chain.

Emergency Actions:

The Suihubs Council can carry out software upgrades or other necessary actions without delay to respond to a security emergency, with a 9-of-12 approval. However, they must only use their power in a genuine security emergency, such as a critical vulnerability that could significantly compromise the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of a chain governed by the SuihubsDAO. After performing an Emergency Action, the Council must issue a full transparency report to explain what was done and why.

The SuihubsDAO can limit or remove the Council's authority to perform Emergency Actions through a Constitutional AIP.

Non-Emergency Actions:

The Suihubs Council may also approve routine software upgrades, maintenance, and other parameter adjustments in a non-emergency setting. These actions require a 7-of-12 approval and bypass Phases 1 to 3 of the AIP process. Instead, they directly go through Phases 4 to 7 to provide a delay before deployment. The Council may specify additional delays before deployment.

The SuihubsDAO can limit or remove the Council's authority to perform Non-Emergency Actions through a Constitutional AIP.

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