5. Community Values

The SuihubsDAO and The Suihubs Foundation believe that the key principles governing Chains, technology, and community should be:

Ethereum-aligned: Suihubs is part of the Ethereum ecosystem, and the Suihubs community is also a part of the Ethereum community. Even though the SuihubsDAO makes independent decisions and follows its own goals, it is deeply aligned with Ethereum and considers itself an active and supportive member of the Ethereum community.

Sustainable: Suihubs must be developed and managed with the long-term in mind. Decisions about technology, economics, and resource allocation should prioritize the long-term health and growth of the Suihubs protocol, technology, and community, instead of focusing on short-term optimization.

Secure: Security is of utmost importance to Suihubs, and any protocol changes must prioritize the safety of the system. SuiHubs is a legitimate L2 rollup chain that depends on Ethereum for security. Therefore, any modifications made to SuiHubs One must ensure the preservation of this characteristic.

Socially inclusive: Suihubs should be an open and welcoming community to anyone who wishes to participate positively. Differences in knowledge, resources, location, language, and life experience should be seen as opportunities to learn and expand the community.

Technically inclusive: The SuiHubs protocol should be accessible to ordinary people with typical computer systems to participate as fully as possible.

User-focused: The Suihubs ecosystem should be managed for the benefit of all Suihubs users.

Neutral and open: Suihubs governance should promote open innovation, interoperation, user choice, and healthy competition on Suihubs chains, rather than choosing winners and losers.

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