SUIDEX Amplifier

SuiDEX has a liquidity reward system known as the Amplifier program, which allows liquidity providers (LPs) to earn additional revenue APY and participate in the SuiDEX ecosystem. The Amplifier program is fueled by platform revenue and fees generated from the buy-back and makes system established by the SuiDAO. Projects that are approved to participate in the program receive a specific amount of $SUI tokens over a set period of time with a targeted APY for LPs.

However, not all liquidity pairs on SuiDEX have amplifier pairs. Instead, the SuiDAO and team select which pairs will have an Amplifier program. Base liquidity pairs such as ETH/USDC and WBTC/USDC are given priority and will be listed on the website once available.

Each amplifier has a limit on the amount of buy-ins to prevent dilution of the base APY. The APY for each amplifier is variable and is based on the ratio of a user's snapshotted SUI vote value compared to the total rewards in the pool.

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